COY13 day one. It has started!! – By Nine de Pater

By 3. November 2017 No Comments

After a train ride of 4 hours yesterday we, me and my two friends, arrived at the COY location. We laid down our sleeping bags in the gymnasium next to the school and got our green entrance passes. I felt a combination of excitement and curiosity. The night was short but no time to be tired because the COY was about to start! The COY is a perfect place to meet other young people with the same passions. I am looking forward to the many great stories and conversations I will have.

After a super energetic and enthousiastic opening it was time to find my way through the jungle of workshops, lectures and discussions. My focus of today turned out to be climate justice. The first workshop I joined was abo

ut refugees and justice. A heavy subject that brings up a lot of questions. The first one and maybe the most relevant: how can we define climate migrants or climate refugees. The workshop very much focussed on differences between the global North and the global South. I missed a component about interregional migration or even migration within one country. But despite this it was a very interesting workshop.

The second workshop I attended was ‘Women’s Call for Climate Justice’. A panel session with four very inspiring women working at the UN or as lobbyist at the COP. They gave an overview on the relation between gender and climate change. They also explained a lot about the position of gender in the UN, the SDGs and the UNFCCC. The session was very motivating to become more active and really engage in the topic.

I am looking forward to tomorrow, another day full of great program contributions!


The author: I am Nine de Pater from Amsterdam in the Netherlands. I am studying environmental policy and economics. Furthermore, I am active in several sustainability and climate organisations and student groups, such as fossil free and