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Youth facing risks and challenges of climate change

Considering the fight against climate change without integrating youth is nowadays unthinkable. In this sense, young people have an undeniable role to play in all the major challenges of our time. They represent a vital force both in their numerical importance and in the quality of the knowledge and capacities they can implement in the fight against climate change.

Faced with the rapid evolution of the world in which we live, we, young Africans, have become more aware of the climatic and social challenges, something that has emerged harder in the minds of past generations.

Therefore, with a very real observation of the evolution of the climatic phenomenon and the magnitude of its impacts, young people appear increasingly worried. However, the means of response are promising over time, taking into account the increased participation of women and the participation of the diaspora in the development of the continent.

Facts & Numbers

When: 11-13 October 2017

Where: At the CEMAC palace

Number of Participants: 250

How to participate: Google Form

Regional / National: Regional

LCOY Central African Republic

Constantly, the progresses that have been made in the last century, such as economic development, advances in medicine, the promotion of social rights, etc., are largely undermined by climate change. It is essential that solutions will be drawn up and that action will be taken to alleviate the burden on young Africans. The leaders must engage and actively involve these young people, who today possess an innovative spirit, in an environment that is increasingly open. The commitment of African youth to the struggle for climate justice is paramount if we want to achieve a new redefinition of the so-called “modern” society.

The participation of young Africans in the 13th edition of the Youth Conference (COY13) and the 23rd session of the Conference of the Parties (COP23) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) by November in Bonn, Germany, offers an opportunity to take action and build an African and global articulation of struggles for a world of social and climate justice.


During the three days planned for this event, several papers will be presented addressing the following themes:

  • Adaptation and mitigation to climate change;
  • Energy and energy efficiency;
  • Human rights and climate;
  • Gender and climate;
  • Agriculture and food security;
  • Climate finance.

Objectives of the Regional COY

The objective of this activity is to
contribute to the awareness and mobilization of African youth in general and that of Central Africa in particular for climate and social justice.

Specifically, it will be about:

  • Regrouping the youth organizations of Central Africa for exchanges and sharing of experiences and knowledge in order to make their voice heard in the UNFCCC at COP23 and COY13;
  • Enlarging mobilization, to deepen and refine the reflections and the strategies to realize the fundamental objective for the democracy, the social and climate justice;
  • Making young people aware of the importance and implications of youth in the fight against climate change;
  • Stimulating participation of young people as agents of climate change and of social and climatic transformation;
  • Establishing an inter-youth platform to facilitate exchanges of experience, cooperation, partnerships, meetings, capacity building, participation in the dialogue between stakeholders for development, for an active and international plan.
  • Encourage the active involvement of young people in community volunteering in the values ​​of citizenship and peace in order to strengthen their role in social cohesion, environmental protection and the fight against climate change at a regional and international level.

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