Local COY – Haiti

Why organizing a local COY13 in Haiti?

Due to its geographical position, Haiti is considered the third most vulnerable country within the Latin American and Caribbean region. Conscient of the damage caused in Haiti by Global Climate Change in the past years and considering Haiti is highly vulnerable, it is crucial to mobilize and sensitize Haitian youth in order to improve their understanding for this phenomenon. Haitian youth shall therefore share points of view, suggest solutions of adaptation and embrace specific action with considerable effect on a short, medium and long term scale in the country.

Facts & Numbers

When: 18-20 October 2017

Number of Participants: 200

Regional / National: National


Foremost, the LocalCOY 13 in Haiti consists of the realization of a three-day World Climate Youth Conference offering climate-related debate and workshops around topics such as:

  • migration and climate
  • Green economy
  • Climate and health
  • Waste management
  • Climate justice
  • Climate and transportation
  • Youth Participation and Commitment
  • Land-use planning and sustainable development objectives
  • Energy Management
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Climate policy

The Haitian LocalCOY 13 is thereover the concrete phase of implementation for projects of youth and youth organizations connected with green economy and/or social entrepreneurship.

Aims of the local COY

  • Mobilizing, informing, sensitizing and teaching a number of 200 young participants about the stake of Global Climate Change in Haiti
  • The promotion of the 17 SDGs (sustainable development goals) will be part of our overall activities before, during and beyond the Haitian LocalCOY13
  • We will select and financially promote five submitted projects connected with green economy or social entrepreneurship
  • We will give birth to a manifest and spread it over all youth organizations connected with our network
  • We will create a platform for involved youth

Who is behind it?

The local team of COY13 Haïti

This year‘s LocalCOY11 in Haiti is organized by different youth institutions and organizations. The Local COY13 Haiti is organized this year by several institutions and/or organizations leaded by recognized young people in Haiti, of which they send out some of their members to constitute the organizing team of the conference. The Campus Henry Christophe de Limonade provides all administrative and legal representation for the event.


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