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In 2015, the global wave of energy around COP21, which gave us the Paris Climate Agreement, sparked an interest by many young people who could not attend the main conferences in Paris to organize parallel conferences. Known as “Local COYs” (LCOYs), these meetings played a critical role in mobilizing more young people for climate action than ever before around the world. This practice of Local COYs continued for COP22 in Morocco. As the world now moves into pursuing implementation of the Paris Agreement, it is more important than ever to engage young people beyond the realm of just the negotiations at the UNFCCC.

local COYs around the World

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Local Conference of Youth or LCOY are organised (ideally) before or during Global COY in different parts of the world to increase access of youth to opportunities for training and capacity building.  LCOYs are further sub-classified into National LCOY (intended for youth of one country), and Regional LCOY (intended for youth of more than one country, that is for a region/sub-region). Apart from the shared objectives of a Global COY to focus on youth action in the international context of the UNFCCC negotiations, climate change and sustainability, a Local COY can also focus on climate related topics which have high national or regional importance, discuss and develop respective outputs, which are fed into the Global COY and consequently into the climate negotiations.

This year, some LCOYs have already been endorsed by YOUNGO. You can find them on the left and further details on the subsequent pages.

*These are just the first ones being recognized as local COYs by YOUNGO. More will follow.

Who is behind it?

Formally recognized in 2009, YOUNGO serves as the official voice of young people from across the globe in the UN climate negotiations under the UNFCCC. Since the very beginning, YOUNGO has organized and hosted a Conference Of Youth (COY) each year, immediately prior to the annual Conference of Parties (COP) to the UNFCCC, in the same country as COP. This meeting provides a crucial space for youth to gather for networking, topical trainings, and preparation to effectively engage in the COP.

The process to organise Local COYs is governed by YOUNGO Local COY Policy. If you are (or willing to) organising a Local COY, please write an email, expressing interest to YOUNGO COY Working Group:

Yugratna Srivastava: yugratna.srivastava – at –
Timothy Damon: timothy.damon – at –