Please read this information, if you are still keen to participate, or if you haven’t confirmed your registration yet

We closed registration for participants and programme contributors on the 3rd of September. Additional registrations will be put on a waiting list. Yet, if you put your name on the waiting list at this point, it is very unlikely that you will move up and get a slot considered. For late programme contributions, in special cases, we will be able to integrate additional programme points into the overall schedule.

In general, please note that it will not be possible to enter COY13 without having officially registered.

For participants and programme contributors, who haven’t confirmed their registration yet or haven’t paid the options they booked, please get in touch with us. If you don’t get back to us by the 15th of October, 23:59 CEST, we will assume that you are no longer interested in attending COY13.

Participants at COY13

Expect to meet these people!

Bearing in mind the venue and other factors, COY13 will be able to welcome about 800 participants. Overall, the participants will probably be associated with following three groups:

YOUNGO Members

COY13 connects young people who are participating in UNFCCC processes. Most of them belong to YOUNGO, the youth constituency to UNFCCC. YOUNGO consists of all young individuals and youth-led organisations or groups which participate in UNFCCC processes and at the climate negotiations. COY13 serves as a platform to prepare YOUNGO members for COP23.

Climate Activists

COY13 invites Climate Activists who are not involved in the COP23 negotiations. This group consists of individuals, grassroot movements and organisations, that actively engage with climate change. Also, the COY will be an opportunity to develop and prepare actions and solidarity events around COP23.

Prospective Members of Climate Movements

COY13 invites individuals who are not yet active members of climate movements and encourages their involvement. This group maybe interested in getting an overview of the key issues in the negotiation process.

Registration Process

Two-Step is not just a reliable dance move ; )

General Procedure

To get registered as a participant of COY13, you have to fill in the registration form which is linked on the bottom of this site. In the registration form you will have the opportunity to book below mentioned options: accommodation, 3-Day-Conference-Package and Day Passes.

After submitting the registration form you will receive an E-Mail that confirms your successful registration.

Registration Process for Groups and Delegations

If you want to do the registration for a group, please download the excel sheet GroupRegistrationForm_eng and fill in all details of the group members including yourself. After that, please fill in the registration form which is linked on the bottom of this site.

In case you are the responsible person for your group, you will have the opportunity in the section “Group” to upload the filled-in excel sheet.

Please note: If you register an entire group (using the excel sheet), which also intends to book some of the provided options (accommodation, 3-Day-Conference-Package, Day Pass), you (as the responsible person) have to pay for all the required options. It is not possible that group members pay individually when registered via the excel sheet. If they want to pay individually, they have to register individually (and not via the excel sheet)

Booking Options

Participation is for free, and we can help you out with low-priced food, transport and accommodation as well

We are willing to provide options for accommodation, meals at COY13 and subsidised transport. They are all optional, so you can decide if you need these or not. The booking(s) will be confirmed after the payement.


Please note that accommodation during COY13 and also COP23 will be very tense in and around Bonn. We did the best possible to ensure affordable accommodation to as many COY13 participants as possible. Following are the different options of accommodation we can provide you with.

Please note, that the accommodation options can only be booked for the entire indicated time (01 to 05 November 2017).

To ensure equal participation and accessibility of Global South and Global North a specific share of the slots is dedicated to each of them.

Youth Hostel Cologne

  • provides: breakfast, bedding, access to WIFI, access to powerplugs, multi-bed-rooms with shared bathroom
  • what participants need to bring: personal belongings
  • costs: 47.44 EUR per person for four nights: 01.11 – until 05.11
  • total capacity: 100 spots
  • travel time to COY13 venue: about 50 – 60 Mins by public transport
  • note: this accommodation provides both, separate rooms for different gender and rooms for mixed gender.

Youth Hostel Bad Honnef

  • provides: breakfast, bedding, towels, access to WIFI, access to powerplugs, multi-bed-rooms with individual bathrooms
  • costs: 56 EUR per person for four nights: 01.11. – until 05.11.
  • total capacity: 160 spots
  • travel time to COY13 venue:  50-60 Mins by public transport
  • note: this accommodation provides both, separate rooms for different gender and rooms for mixed gender. This accommodation also provides barrier-free rooms.

Gymnasium/Sports hall

  • provides: limited access to power, lots of good company 😉
  • what participants need to bring: sleeping bag, and air mattress/ sleeping pad.
  • costs: 16.50 EUR per individual (four nights: 01.11.- until 05.11.)
  • total capacity: 400 spots (to be adjusted)
  • travel time to venue: depending on location of Gymnasium, between 30 Mins and 1hr (to be confirmed) by public transport
  • note: this accommodation cannot provide separate rooms for different gender. Everybody will sleep in one big hall (mixed-gender).


  • provides: individual accommodation from Bonn locals. Breakfast and provision of bedding etc. are not guaranteed and depend on the individual host.
  • what participants need to bring: we will inform you individually what is needed
  • costs: 5.00 EUR (the price is a solidary support for COY and will return to you and all participants in other forms) you may be accommodated alone or with other participants)
  • total capacity: 25 spots (to be adjusted)
  • travel time to venue: depending on location of Couch-Partner/up to 1hr by public transport
  • note: this accommodation is promoted within civil society of Bonn as a personal encounter and opportunity for discussions about topics of climate change.


The 3-Day-Conference-Package includes a warm, vegan lunch each day of COY13. Also included is a subsidised ticket for public transport, which allows you to travel by public transport (bus, local train, tram) in the wider region of Bonn (including Cologne) for free.  A 3-Day-Conference-Package costs 25.00 EUR.

Day Pass

The Day Pass can be individually booked for each day of COY13. It only includes a warm, vegan lunch. NOT included is the ticket for public transport. If you book the Day Pass, you have to take care of your mobility during COY13 yourself. A Day Pass costs 5.00 EUR for each day.


Don’t forget to check for visa!!

We will support you throughout the application process by providing required information and a visa support letter. However, COY13 team cannot take any financial or legal responsibilities related with the approval of a visa application. Please check if you need a visum, and for travel restrictions depending on your home country. You can find more information in our FAQ for Participants.