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You can find a summary of important information for participants in the COY13 Guide.
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Anti-Harassment Policy

COY13 is dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone, regardless of race, age, religion, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance or body size. Find out more about our anti-harassment policy:

Anti-Haressment Policy


Read this Information before getting started

What is COY? What will happen?

The core objective of COY13 is to empower and strengthen young individuals and youth movements to take responsibility for and action against climate change. Both, participants and programme contributors shall gather knowledge, experience and expertise by being actively involved in COY13. More information can be found here.

When will COY13 take place?

COY13 will happen from Thursday, 02 November to Saturday, 04 November 2017. If you have a long travel to Bonn, it would be good to already arrive on Wednesday, 01 November.

Where will COY13 take place?

It will take place in Bonn-Beuel, Germany. The venue is a beautiful school which is barrier-free and well appointed.

Who participates in COY13?

Three main groups of participants are expected. For more information, please visit here:

  1. YOUNGO members
  2. Climate Activists
  3. Prospective members of climate movement

Are there any requirements for the participation?

COY13 is an event for youth and young people. This is not defined in terms of age but more in terms of the individual perception of feeling young and youth-related. Usually, the participants are between 15 and 35 years old. If you will be under 18 years old at the start of COY13 (Thursday, 02 November 2017), there are some extra legal requirements to consider. Hence, we ask you to please contact us at

Can Minors participate at COY13?

Yes. But you need to fulfill some legal requirements. For more information and assistance please contact

I am involved in a programme contribution at COY. Do I still have to register as a participant for COY13?

Yes. If you want to participate in other sessions during the three-day programme, you have to register as well. In that way we can ensure that you will have access to the venue, with the option to book accommodation, food and transport. Again, contributing a Programme Contribution is not sufficient if you want to participate in other sessions apart from yours.

How can I get connected with other participants?

After you have registered, your email-address will be added to a mailing list, which can be used for exchange in advance and organise travel groups. You can also join the Facebook Group.

Do you provide help to people needing special assistance (handicapped, visual impairment etc.)?

Please indicate in your application if you or any member in your delegation needs any form of special assistance or support. We will try our best to provide all the assistance possible, so everyone can equally join COY13. If you have any questions about that, feel free to contact


Do you provide accommodations?

We provide you with some options for accommodation. You can book and pay them during the registration process. For more information please look here. Those options are:

  1. Youth Hostel Cologne
  2. Youth Hostel Bad Honnef
  3. Gymnasium/Sports halls
  4. Couch-Partnership

Are there further options of accommodations?

Of course you can search for an accommodation on your own! There are several hotels in Bonn, but please be aware that the accommodation price may be very high and spots can be limited due to many events taking place in Bonn around the same time. Further options might be AirBnB, Couchsurfing or various other host platforms.

I take care of my own accommodation, do I still have to pay something?

Participation at COY13 is free. However, you will have the option to book either a 3-Day-Conference-Package (warm, vegan lunch and free public transport for each conference day) or a Day Pass for each day (only warm, vegan lunch).

I will be travelling to COY13 with more people. Can we be accommodated together?

If you choose one of the provided accommodation options by COY13, we will try our best to accommodate your group together. Please inform us as early as possible about that with all details necessary (group size,gender, age, ….)! But please note that, as much as we want, we may not be able to comply with all wishes and cannot guarantee you to the same accommodation.


Do you provide (free) food during COY13?

Breakfast will be provided at the hostels (accommodation option 1 and 2) and is included in the price. We provide an optional warm (vegan) lunch (to be booked and payed for during registration process). During COY13 you will get a few free snacks and beverages. Dinner is your own responsibility.

What kind of food do you provide?

During COY13 we will provide a warm lunch which is vegan. Throughout the days we will also provide small vegetarian and vegan snacks. Breakfast at the hostels can be provided vegan, vegetarian and without specification.

Do I have to pay for food?

Breakfast for those staying at the Hostels (option 1 and 2 of the accommodation) will be served in the hostel for free. Furthermore, there will be the option for booking warm (vegan) lunches for each day of COY13. One meal will cost 5 EUR. Snacks and tea during COY13 will be provided for free.


How can I travel within Bonn?

We will not provide general shuttle services, so we recommend all participants to travel with the public transport system. You can book subsidised transport tickets during the Registration Process as part of the 3-Day-Conference-Package. Note that taxis/cabs are very expensive in Germany!

Is public transport for free?

If you buy a 3-Day-Conference Package, you will be able to use public transport (tram, local train, bus) in Bonn and wider region (including Cologne) for free from 02 to 04 November. If you do not book this option, you will have to take pay for each travel by public transport. If you have any further questions, contact us

Costs of Participation

Is there a participation fee?

No. Participating at COY13 is free. However, if you want to use one of the accommodations organised by COY13, use subsidised transport or have a warm (vegan) lunch, you need to choose, book and pay for the respective options in advance during the registration process.

What do I have to pay for?

You have to cover the costs for travelling to Bonn. COY13 issues no costs for participating at the Conference. You optionally can book an accommodation featured by COY13, book a 3-Day-Conference Package (includes warm (vegan) lunch and free public transport in Bonn and wider region for each day of COY13) or Day Passes (only covers warm (vegan) lunch) for each day. If you choose one of the options provided by COY13, you have to pay in advance to complete the registration process. Please note, that COY13 does not make any profit from your payments.

Why do I have to pay in advance?

COY13 is organized as a non-profit event. Bills for accommodation and food have to be paid in advance by the organising team. Therefore, we need to collect the money from the participants in advance.

Can you provide me with an estimate of the costs of my journey and participation at COY13?

  • Journey: The cost of your journey depends on many factors, mostly where you travel from and how you travel. Check out Google Flights to find out what your flight might cost. Check out to find out what trains in Germany might cost. We strongly encourage you to travel climate friendly and would like to invite you to compensate your emissions. There are several projects that help you neutralize your emissions, as for example Atmosfair, myclimate or The Compensator .

During COY13: In Bonn, Germany, you will have to pay for your accommodation, transportation, food and any sort of extra activities.

  • Costs for Accommodation: will vary a lot, depending on the accommodation. COY13 features accommodations with costs ranging from 16.50 EUR up to 56 EUR per person for a total of four nights. If you choose to take care of the accommodation yourself the costs may be much higher (depending on your needs and due to high demand during that period of time).
  • Public Transport: when you book the 3-Day-Conference-Package you will have access to free public transport (tram, local train, bus) in Bonn and wider region for each day of COY13. Otherwise, mobility by public transport during COY13 will cost you up to 35 EUR.
  • Food: If you use COY13 options (3-Day-Conference-Package or Day Pass) you could calculate with around 10-15 EUR per day for food. If you choose to take care of the food yourself the costs might be different or significantly higher (depending on your expectations)

Do you provide funding or scholarships for travel, accommodation… ?

Unfortunately, COY13 cannot provide any scholarships to help you cover costs for travelling, accommodation, food or anything else. We are sorry about this and wish you all the best in your search for donors and scholarships and we sincerely hope to see you at COY13 in November!

I got confirmed as a participant, but cannot make it to COY13, do I get refunded?

You will receive refunds depending on the date you cancel your participation. You will get refunded according to following conditions:

  1. cancellation before 03 September 2017, 23:59 CEST (GMT +2) (two months before COY13): 100% refund
  2. cancellation before 03 October 2017, 23:59 CEST (GMT + 2) (one month before COY13): 50% refund
  3. cancellation after 03 October 2017, 23.59 CEST (GMT + 2): no refund

Exceptions will be made from this policy, when people can prove that they cannot come due to external reasons (including, but not limited to: declined Visa-application, which has been supported by COY13, bad injury, severe illness, death). The decision about considering the exceptions will lies solely under the discretion of COY13 Participation Working Group.

If you cannot come to COY13 but have already been confirmed as a participant, there is the option to assign your Registration to another person. If you have a person that will take over your place, please contact us.

What is the timeline for the Registration Process?

Registration will be open until 15th of September (if the maximum number of participants is not reached before). By 20th of September all people in need of visa support documents will receive those.

Visa Process

Do I need a visum?

This depends on your nationality. In general, all citizens holding nationalities of countries belonging to the European Union do not need a visa to enter Germany. If you are not a citizen of an EU country, please check with the nearest consulate or embassy, if you require a visa to enter Germany. On this website you can check for the location of the next embassy in your country (please choose the initial letter of your country in the drop down menu!):

In preparation you can also check on the following website, if you need a visa.

What kind of visa do I need?

As Germany is part of “The Schengen Agreement”, you need to apply for a “Schengen Visa”. For more information, please read this website carefully.

For joining COY13, you are recommended to apply for a “short – term stay in Germany (‘Schengen Visa’ category C)”.

How will the visa application process work?/ How do I get a visa?

Every participant who needs a Visa has to do the application process by themselves.
Every German embassy/mission has it’s own particular process and requirements for the visa application. Please reach out to your nearest embassy as soon as possible, to get more information about the process and requirements. On the website of the respective embassy, more detailed information for the visa application application process is provided.

  1. You should finish your your registration for COY13 before 15.09.17, so that we are able to support your visa application (by providing an invitation letter and forwarding your name to the German Ministry for Foreign Affairs).
  2. Schedule an appointment at your nearest embassy or consulate, as per the process in your country, to file a visa application. The German embassies and consulates around the world will be made aware of your intended participation at COY13 by the 18.09.17. Therefore, we recommend that you book for appointment slot after 18.09.17. Please note that, waiting time for getting an appointment can be significantly long – therefore please start the process of looking for an appointment as soon as you can. Check which documents you need to apply for a visa and prepare those documents BEFORE you go to your appointment with the embassy/the appointment authority.
  3. Go to the embassy/the relevant appointment authority and file your Schengen Visa application.

In general the staff of the embassies aim for a processing time of two weeks for your application, but it can take longer in specific cases. So please apply early enough for your visa! It would be a pity to not have you at COY13 due to visa issues.

For more information on travel restrictions and visa, please check out the website of the German Federal Foreign Ministry.

Which documents do I need for the Visa application?

This depends on your home country/embassy where you make the visa application and differs from country to country. In every country, the German embassies have their own requirements. You can find specific informations considering the requested application documents on the website of your nearest german mission, which in turn you can find here.

(please choose the initial letter of your country in the drop down menu!)

Yet, some documents you will always need. Those are:

  • your valid passport (Valid for at least 6 months after the intended date of travel to Schengen area) )
  • the COY invitation letter
  • proof of accommodation being covered for the entire duration of your stay in Schengen area- invoice for booked accommodation, etc. provided by COY13 or others
  • filled visa application form
  • photos as per the biometric specifications
  • to and fro flight confirmation
  • A travel insurance

Can you provide a visa support/ invitation letter?

Yes, we will provide you with an invitation letter to apply for the visa. We will send you an email with an invitation letter and and additional the UNFCCC support letter.

NOTE: We will inform the german foreign ministry after the end of the registration phase (15.09.2017) about the names and details of the participants. As the embassies will be provided with your name and passport number, your application is more likely to be accepted. So please schedule your appointment with the embassy on a date after the end of the registration phase (best after 18.09.2017, as information have to be lead forward to the embassies). Despite these options it is still possible that a consulate or embassy declines your visa application.

Can I stay longer in Europe with the COY invitation?

No, the invitation letter we are going to provide to you is solely for the period of the conference, so you have to indicate a time period which is reasonable around the COY conference (-/+ 2 or 3 days). If you want to stay longer, you might have to justify that separately from the COY.

I got no visa support letter via email!

We do not send out the Visa support letters before the 18th of September. If you did not receive a visa support letter and information email afterwards, please check your spam/junk inbox! If there is no mail in your spam inbox either, please contact us.

What happens when my visa application gets rejected?

We hope that this will not happen! Please make sure before you apply that your documents are complete and filled out properly.

If your application still gets rejected, please contact us. We will try to support you as much as possible, but we cannot guarantee you a visa!

We wish you all the best for your visa application process!

COP 23

Does participation in COY13 enable me to participate in COP23?

No, the registration for COY13 does not enable you to participate in COP23. However, there are two ways to participate in COP23:

  1. Participation as an observer at COP23
    In order to participate as an observer you need an accreditation for COP23. NGOs can enlist to be able to get accreditations at the UNFCCC. COY13 can unfortunately not help you to get this accreditation.
  2. Participation at COP23 side-events organized by civil society in Bonn and Bonn-Zone

Registration is closed

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