How can you get to Bonn? 

Please read the Sustainability tips on our website to learn about how to travel with minimal environmental impact.
Your final destination will depend on your time of arrival and your accommodation type. If you arrive on 1 November, we recommend that you go to your accommodation right away. For the exact address of your accommodation and how to get there see below in the section Accommodation.

By Car
In case you will be travelling by car, we would like to encourage you to share rides and travel to Bonn together. To find people offering free spots in their car, you can use our COY13 Carsharing Facebook Group: Furthermore, you can find offers on other carsharing websites such as

By Train
If you will be travelling by train, you have the possibility to book our Deutsche Bahn Event Ticket, which might have a cheaper fare than usual tickets. The Event Ticket entitles you to travel from any railway station in Germany to the railway station Siegburg at a discounted rate. If you are interested in booking such an Event Ticket, you can do this here:

Please read the information
about the Event
Tickets carefully before

By Bus
Busses can be a good alternative to cars and trains, when travelling long distances in Germany and within Europe. Check several bus travel providers, such as to find a good fare.

By Plane
If you travel from further away, you might fly to COY13. If travelling to COY13 by plane the closest airports are Köln/Bonn, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf. From there the easiest way to get to Bonn is by train. You can use the to search for and book train connections. You can also checker whether the Deutsche Bahn Event Ticket works for you.

Deutsche Bahn Event Tickets

Through our cooperation with DB, you can get cheaper fares for your travel to COY13 and return.

Through  cooperation of COY13 with the Deutsche Bahn (DB), we can offer you to book DB Event Tickets, which can be way cheaper than normal fares. With this DB Event Ticket, you can travel from any railway station in Germany to the venue and back again, for the prices listed below:


When you are under 25 years of age (“young people”):
tied to certain train for € 79.00
flexible train use for € 99.00.
When you are above 25 years of age (“adults”):
tied to certain train for € 99.00
flexible train use for € 139.00

The link below will lead you to a page of DB, where you can look for train connections and also book your ticket. Through this link, you will pay max. the prices mentioned above and you can even find cheaper fares, if there are any available. So, the DB Event Tickets can be a pretty good option for those who want to travel by train, as the DB Event Tickets are significantly cheaper tickets than “normal tickets”.

Please note, that refunds of the DB Event Ticket are only possible up to and including the first day of validity, for a certain fee per ticket. After the first day of validity, however, exchange and reimbursement are excluded.

How to get to the venue

When you finally arrive at Bonn Hbf there are several ways to get to the venue. Please see below for detailed route descriptions. The address of the venue is:

IGS Gesamtschule, Siegburger Straße 321, 53229 Bonn-Beuel.

By Tram

You can take the tram Line 66 (direction Siegburg Hbf) every 10 to 30 mins. Get off the tram at the station Vilich-Müldorf. You have to walk the rest of the way to the venue. The overall commute takes about 30 minutes. In case you want to get from the COY13 venue to Bonn Hbf you have to walk the  ame way and get in the Line 66 in the direction Königswinter or Bad Honnef. For all detailed and up-to-date information about departures you can have a look at the website of SWB.
Way to walk:

By Bus

You can take different buses from Bonn Hbf to the COY13 venue. For detailed bus information please have a look at the website of SWB. You can take the Bus 609 or Bus 608 direction Holzlar Gielgen, which departs every 15 to 40 mins. Get off the bus at the station Pützchen Schule. You have to walk the rest of the way to the venue. The overall commute takes about 30 minutes. In case you want to get from the COY13 venue to Bonn Hbf you have to walk the same way and get on Bus 608 or Bus 609 direction Brüser Berg/Hardthöhe/Südwache.
Way to walk:

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