Who will have a low-carbon trip?

Think through your trip and take part in our survey during the COY13! You will be asked about kilometers, means of transports and your actions to reduce and compensate your emissions. Are you an innovative, creative and clean migratory bird? A surprise will wait for you! Below you will find some suggestions to help you organize your trip. Do you travel environmental friendly and like to share your journey with us? So we’re glad to see some pictures and posts for example on Instagram #coy13official !

Just some ideas to create your journey

Compensate your flight…

… for example using Atmosfair, The Compensator, Cooleart or Fairclimitefund.

Choose a direct over a several-stops flight – departure and landing produce most of a flight emission.

Take the train

rather than the car. Now you have time to browse through the Sustainability-Guide and get ready for the COY13. Traveling with Deutsche Bahn allows you to use green electricity from renewable energies — add this option at your booking. Besides Deutsche Bahn provides special offers for COY13 attendants.

Check this page for more details about European Train Plan.

Travel by coach…

… as it substitutes 30 cars. You can take advantage of the great bus connection within Germany and between Germany and neighbouring countries.

Check this page for more details about coach connections in Europe

If you planned to go by car…

… then do a car-pooling, offer your empty seats and get to know other COY-Participants! Join the Facebook group “Carsharing – COY13”, follow the instructions in the uppermost post and make your announcement!

You wanna know how to reduce your fuel consumption while driving? https://environment.gov.au/settlements/transport/fuelguide/tips.html

Cycling and walking…

… are eco-friendly and help you to get fit! Get on your bike saddle or just use your feet whenever you can!

Is there anything else we have to keep in mind?

Take a picture, rather than the paper version of the city map/brochure or return it when you have finished using it. Download our infomaterial on your smartphone before you leave for COY13. You will save paper and space!

“Good preparation is half done” and “Packing my bags”


You’d like to plan your trip and stay online? So try out “https://www.ecosia.org/” the search engine with a positive effect on the environment.

What about the material you need for work?

Bring your Notebook, Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone, etc to the conference. This way you can save paper and have a faster networking and exchange of material with all participants. Please be aware that there will be a limited number of electrical connections at the COY13 area. Our tips: bring your electronic devices at the conference already charged and use it in a battery-saving mode!

Besides you can bring a pen, to label your budget, and a note block in case you need to annotate something.

Regarding food and water…

You can safely drink tap water at the COY13. In Germany tap water is often more controlled than bottled water, hence bring your own bottle and follow the “all-you-can-drink” spirit!

Please avoid single use cups for your morning tea or coffee. If you bring your reusable cup, we will fill it for you at COY13. Alternatively you could borrow cups for a deposit.

If you want to bring your own food, transport it in reusable boxes, e.g. cans or freezer bags, which can be temporarily used to carry your rubbish until the next trash bin. Or you could just wash it and it will be as good as new – that way you could decrease superfluous waste. Furthermore you could bring your own cutlery.

Bring your own bag when you do your grocery in Germany: plastic bags in the supermarket are expensive! Be smart and avoid plastic bags.

Show what you can!

We want to keep emission as low as possible during COY13: Together we can do it!

Check out the environmental tips we put together to achieve this goal.

“Saving energy” doesn’t mean to slouch on the sofa!

Energy coming from the socket seems infinite, but we can and should limit its use.

Our tips for your accommodation…

Make sure you switch the light and your electronic devices when you don’t use them for longer time.

Check the heating! Turn it down or switch it off when you leave the room in the morning or ask the staff to help you with it.

You don’t want to give up to have fresh air in your room? Open completely the windows for 5 minutes to let fresh air in and close it entirely afterwards. Avoid keeping windows on tilts.

Wash your hands with cold water! Most energy is consumed to heat water and to keep it available. Same if you take a shower! However it’s a challenge to take a cold shower in November in Germany. Our tips: Take a short shower – Take a shower that lasts as long as your favorite song!

When you get to the COY13 building…

… the COY13-Team will most of the time take care of the energy and heating management. However you can help us with it! Look for the labeling and info points.

Our tips: get the “onion look” and wear more clothes one above the other, e.g. T-shirt, Long-Shirt, Pullover and Jacket. This way you can regulate your body temperature and we don’t need to increase the room temperature.

“Water” – Nr. 1 on our planet!


In Germany tap water is a subsistence.  Please save water and don’t waste it unnecessary. Show your environment responsible behavior at the sanitary facilities in your accommodation and in the COY13 building.

You like foam parties? That’s okay, but please not every day!

Use soap, shampoo, detergent, wash- and cleaning agents parsimoniously. Imagine that one day the water running into the drain will come back out of your faucet. Our tips: Use organic and biodegradable wash- and cleaning agents with recognized seal. Besides: you can wear your clothes more than once. You will save energy, water and your clothes will last longer!

Turn off the water when you brush your teeth, shave, use the shampoo/soap or play with the rubber duck.

If the toilet flushing has a “stop-function”, you can use water more parsimoniously.

Managing waste


Each one of us is responsible for the production and disposal of trash. Germany has a good working waste disposal system, partly exonerating each citizen. You can discharge your trash in the waste bin with a good conscience if you know how the waste disposal system works.

Redundant waste …

… must not be produced and disposed. This allows to save resources and energy! The ocean will thank you if you buy products without packaging or at least with refillable or recyclable packaging. This also means buying big over small amount of products, and environmental friendly containers (paper and paperboard) rather than ecologically harmful ones (plastic).

Waste sorting…

… depends on the management in each accommodation. Be aware that bedrooms and living areas often have just one waste bin, and the trash is later added to the residual waste. You want to know how waste is managed in your accommodation? Ask the accommodation staff about it!

In the COY13 building you can help us to manage waste appropriately. The correct waste sorting is the first step to recycle and decrease our environmental impact! Check the material and dispose it in the appropriate labelled bin. Each color stands for a different material:

  • Blue: Paper and Paperboard;
  • Yellow: Packaging waste (plastic and cans);
  • Black: Residual waste (cooked leftovers, napkins, tissues, shards of glass);
  • Brown: Organic waste (raw vegetables and fruits (limited: tropical fruits), coffee filter, tealeaves and eggshells);

Besides there will be:

  • Container for glass (bottles, NO shards);
  • Container for contaminants (batteries, drugs, lamps, cleaning agents);
  • Container for scrap (e-waste, metal);

You would like to know more about the recycling and reuse of each waste product? Check out our info points and actions all around the topic “Waste containers” directly at the COY13.

We hope you enjoyed our sustainable tips guide. Feel free to share it, spread the word and let the environmental friendly tips become unbreakable habits in your daily life!

We would be happy to get your feedback – write it on the contact form!

We are looking forward to meet you at the conference! Until then – keep green =)